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May 20, 2009

Some things that I like:

  • playing hockey with my husband B on our old-school Playstation.
  • B high-fiving me when I “check” someone in our hockey video game.
  • laughing uncontrollably over the silliest/simplest things with him.
  • Yogurt Story, enough said.
  • consistency and honesty in friendships.

Some things that I do not like:

  • summer heat and humidity.
  • that even with enough sleep at night, I’m still really sleepy in the mornings.
  • worrying about finances.

Some things that I am doing right now:

  • enjoying the silence in the halls – it’s definitely summer break.
  • listening to some Shawn McDonald and hearing encouragement.
  • relishing my break from school work, which will come quickly enough.
  • exercising my matron-of-honor duties for a good friend.

Some things that I look forward to:

  • turning twenty-seven years old this summer.
  • going to Seattle to visit family & meeting my niece for the 1st time.
  • getting to celebrate our 3-yr wedding anniversary in June.
  • seeing B’s parents when they come back into the country.
  • tackling my first graduate-level class in July.

One thing I am learning?  Christ alone.

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  1. kim permalink
    May 21, 2009 1:48 am

    😀 those are good! i know i am a jerk…but when is your birthday again??? i was thinking july 7 but i just can’t remember and you don’t stinkin have it posted anywhere! hahaha

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