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absolute goodness.

September 9, 2009

Nope, sorry.  This isn’t a spiritual post.
Definitely not.

But what is it?  A tribute to absolute goodness . . . homemade alfredo sauce.

I remember being younger and never being a fan of Italian food (mind you, the only Italian food I ate were different versions of spaghetti and lasagna and the food at Olive Garden). However, as I’ve grown older, my taste buds have matured and I’ve been more than willing to embrace different kinds of food. So, one of the things we eat in our home quite often is pasta (and Mediterranean and Southern fried cooking and Filipino food, etc). On a lazy evening, I’ll throw some store-bought spaghetti sauce in a pot, add a bunch more herbs and spices, mix it up with some noodles and voila! Instant dinner.

But on nights where I have more time and feel like winding down (admittedly enough, cooking seems to relax me . . . but talk to me in a few years when I have kids!), I like to make something from scratch. Due to the size of our small galley, ahem, I mean kitchen, there’s no room for me to make my own pasta, dry it, etc so I’m all about store-bought. I’ll buy capellini (angel hair), farfalle (bow tie), fusilli (curled pasta) and fettuccine (thick strands of pasta – always go with the egg noodle kind, taste so good). I’ve made capellini with shrimp and tomato cream sauce, farfalle with mixed greens and pine nuts and olive oil, fusilli with pesto and chicken, and tonight . . . fettuccine alfredo.

The first time I tried making my own alfredo sauce, I mixed two recipes and added mushrooms and chicken to the whole mix. I was pleased with the results for my first go at it. Tonight, I found a recipe that is similar to the Olive Garden version of fettuccine alfredo and I was so happy with the results! Unfortunately, this dish is not at all good for you, so I tried to make up for it by tossing in spinach leaves for a little dose of “health”.

All in all, it was absolute goodness. Goodness, I tell you! Next time around, I’m adding way more garlic, a bit more kosher salt, and some sliced grilled chicken.

No pictures of said goodness. I was too busy consuming 🙂

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  1. kim permalink
    September 9, 2009 2:51 pm

    ok seriously. in 6 weeks can you please cook for me. thanks!

  2. September 9, 2009 6:59 pm

    Please cook for me too. Never ever does a “lazy evening” involve my stove.

  3. September 9, 2009 10:04 pm

    Kim, I’ll definitely cook for you! And Andi, I’ll cook for you too! My lazy evening is what it is when I’m not studying, and it will certainly change when I have kids 🙂

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