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tea and coffee.

October 27, 2009

Inspired by my friend Andrea and a little Facebook thread about tea and coffee, I decided to devote a post about my love for these two drinks.

Before I was married, I took several trips to Ireland, and on my travels there, I discovered tea. Black tea with cream and sugar. Heavenly! Then, I went to India and drank the goodness that is chai, with some masala for a little kick. Delicious. I have also traveled to China and tasted the pureness of loose-leaf green tea, served in little handmade clay cups.

However, in the following years I figured out that the loads of sugar I would put in my tea and coffee gave me such a horrible crash after consuming these drinks. Alas, I slowly weaned myself from adding sugar and milk/cream to my tea and coffee (Rachel, aren’t you proud of me?). Some people can’t fathom drinking tea and coffee without sugar and milk, but now I can’t fathom drinking it WITH sweetness! The sugary flavor covers up the different spices and blends that tea and coffee have. THAT is why I drink tea and coffeee (plus it keeps me warm on a cold, blistery day).

Here are some of my favorite teas:

And for our coffee consumption (no instant or pre-ground; beans are better), here’s what my husband and I like:

  • Eight O’Clock Coffee: Original, Bokar and Colombian
  • World Market Whole Bean Coffee: Costa Rican Tarrazu blend
  • Honduran blend (I think I got this at a Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop, but they don’t have it anymore)

*side note – roughest coffee I’ve ever had? Ethiopian Harrar coffee, fresh from Addis Ababa (I bought over 10 pounds worth of coffee beans when I traveled there). When I drank the coffee, it made me wonder if motor oil tasted like it.

Even though we can and do certainly make coffee at home (even our own version of Cubano espresso), every so often we’ll visit a coffee shop. I highly recommend Art Six and Buon Giorno (especially for their French Press coffee, and beans roasted on site!). And both times I’ve been in Seattle, any coffee shop (asides from the ever-favored, over-rated Starbucks) has great drinks.

Mmmm . . . caffeine!

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