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I’m just a beginner.

February 26, 2010

You know when you think you have something figured out, then you realize you have no idea what you’re talking about or what the heck you’re doing? I tend to be that way with cooking. Thinking I know my stuff and then, bam! The cake isn’t as moist as it should be, the meat is too tough, and there’s a cloud of smoke over the stove.

Or an egg blowing up in your microwave. Yep. I did it. (I’m a complete amateur, I tell you!!) I attempted making hard-boiled eggs. Realized it wasn’t done, thought a little spin in the microwave would do the egg some good. BIG MISTAKE. We were picking egg bits out of the carpet (and out of my hair) for about fifteen minutes.

I warn you. Don’t make the same mistake!

Now, granted, I’ve learned a whole lot in recent years . . . but I’ve still got a long way to go. And I’m okay with that. I’m what you would call a perpetual learner, always looking to learn something. With cooking, I welcome as much learning (I’ll even embrace my errors) as I possibly can and will take any tips that will help me become better at what I love to do.

So, to take some steps and learn a few more things that will help me in the kitchen, here’s a few of the “25 Most Common Cooking Mistakes“, courtesy of Cooking Light.

  • “You don’t taste as you go.”
  • “You overcrowd the pan.”
  • “You don’t get the pan hot enough before you add the food.”

Click on the link above to see the full list of common mistakes that people make in the kitchen. I’ve certainly learned a thing or two (or twenty-five)!

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  1. February 26, 2010 3:18 am

    I remember when I was in the sixth grade our first experiment was about sulfur… and we intentionally got to blow up eggs in the microwave… I’m glad you got to join in the fun!

  2. April 10, 2010 11:32 pm

    Haha I’ve done this too 🙂


  1. let’s get personal here. « one day and one meal at a time . . .

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