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let’s get personal here.

August 6, 2010

I follow numerous blogs out there in internet-land. One of the blogs I read is my friend Kristen’s. She is an amazing photographer and has been posting more of her pictures AND thoughts on her blog – click here to check it out. The other day, she wrote a post that got me thinking. It encouraged me to make my blog a bit more “personal”.

My blog isn’t perfect and neither am I. I’m not a perfect cook, blogger, budgeter and wife. I make plenty of mistakes, like putting a frickin’ hardboiled egg in the microwave! Yeah, bad idea. (However, my father-in-law taught me an awesome “trick” with the cooking process so I’ll blog about that soon.) Some of the recipes I try end up fantastic and some . . . I just have to improvise, make do and pray that my husband will eat what I made! Our apartment can be cluttered but I always like to try and keep the kitchen clean. I’m NOTORIOUS for misplacing my glasses and keys at home. Sometimes I am impatient, I worry too much and I get jealous easily. I’m a very competitive person and LOVE to challenge myself with different things and adventures. I may not be the fastest and best and what other superlative is out there, but I do like to push my limits, to see how far and how much I can do.

I’ve realized that part of my imperfect nature is that I end up comparing myself with others. Another bad idea. It only leads to worry, anxiety, jealousy and ill feelings. My self-confidence is lowered and I end up not rejoicing in the good things the Lord is doing in my life and in others’ lives. It’s just not a good idea to compare!

Specifically with my cooking here, I don’t want to compare. There’s always going to be someone who can cook or bake better, present dishes better, be a better hostess. There are too many wonderful dishes out there in the world and all of us have different tastes and preferences. Just in the last several years have I realized and embraced what my “tastes” are. I’ve traveled too much around the world and eaten too many fantastic and interesting things to limit myself to processed foods. And honestly, I’ve learned enough about nutrition to know that as I get older, I do need to eat healthier. My cooking is not all-natural all the time, but in our home, we make do with what we can afford and try to eat fresh foods. (But trust me, if junk food is there, I WILL eat it! Gah! I LOVE chocolate and spicy Cheetos!) Others out there, they have different tastes and ways of doing things. I have to respect that and the fact that they try to do their best to put fresh food on the table and feed their families! They are no better than me and I am no better than them. Our situations, our budgets, our backgrounds are all different. What’s the use in comparing?

So here I am, oh-so-imperfect me. But join me along for the ride, my friends and let’s get to know each other and see how we can help one another! Let’s eat well, handle our money better, appreciate the beautiful things around us, live simply and most of all, and rejoice and be glad in each day God has given us.

See? I love food! Here I am finishing up a chocolate pecan bar, savoring every little morsel.

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