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16-day menu update!

August 22, 2010

So, six days have passed and Project 16-day Menu has been a success! We actually had enough food that I didn’t have to cook 3 of the planned meals. This is what we did instead:

8/16/10 (Monday)

  • Lunch: fried rice & vegetable spring rolls (already made the fried rice with veggies tonight, so I just have to cook the spring rolls in the oven really quick during lunch time)
  • Dinner: pan-fried chicken & tomato sautee with orzo & zucchini (special dessert: broiled peaches with goat cheese, honey & almonds)

8/17/10, Tuesday

  • Lunch: turkey sandwiches
  • Dinner: chickpea curry & brown rice (make enough for frozen lunch leftovers)

8/18/10, Wednesday

  • Lunch: turkey sandwiches
  • Dinner: beef, spinach & salsa burritos (make enough for frozen lunch leftovers)

8/19/10, Thursday

  • Lunch: leftovers (my husband had the day off & I just went through the drive-through for a quick lunch and ate it at my desk)
  • Dinner: we snacked on stove-top popcorn, chocolate chips & walnuts (not the healthiest dinner, but it filled us up after a long work day)

8/20/10, Friday

  • Lunch: beef, spinach & salsa leftovers
  • Dinner: whoops, we did it again! more popcorn snacking

8/21/10, Saturday

  • Lunch: ended up eating a big and late breakfast!
  • Dinner: beef & salsa burritos (leftovers)

8/22/10, Sunday

  • Lunch/Dinner: harissa chicken kebabs & tabbouleh

Not bad, huh? We’ve had to pick up a few things from the store like milk, eggs, bread and fruit, plus some vegetables but overall, we’ve done well following the menu. Since I haven’t made several of the meals, that’s more that I can do for next month!

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