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just going with the flow.

September 8, 2010

I like to plan.
Okay, I LOVE to plan.
Lists, excel spreadsheets, calendars. Tools that help me organize and stay on top of things.

Meal plans, too. Definitely a huge help in our household. A great way to eat healthy and to save money. Alas, my good intentions have been slightly thwarted because of this very busy season. Thankfully, we’ve still managed to eat well within the menu I created and had some wiggle room in our budget for some treats. I would love to say that things are slowing down now, but I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel . . . yet. It will come. In December! Ha.

Suffice to say, I have a love/hate relationship with change. I am okay with change but when things don’t go according to plan, I sometimes freak out. Thankfully the Lord has continued to mold my character and has taught me more and more about grace. Grace he gives me and grace I give to others. And, grace I give to myself. So, in this busy season that is the fall semester (remember, I work in a university; specifically in one of the largest music colleges in the America), I am learning to just go with the flow. I love plans but I’m not so rigid that I can’t change things up. And trust me, the changes come! I hope to have enough time tomorrow after work to update this blog with my September menu as well as a couple of recipes I’ve used in the recent days. (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

Thanks for being patient with me. In the words of that famous (or shall I say, infamous?) governor, I’ll be back! And in the meantime, here’s some good reading for you:

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  1. September 8, 2010 7:36 pm

    I have a love/hate relationship with change, too! It’s nice to know I’m not alone.

    Thanks for the comment on my post today. I got the recipe from if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a really funny blog by a mother of two who’s working on her first cookbook. Even though she’s vegan and I’m not, I love her recipes!

  2. September 9, 2010 2:49 am

    Hi Therese! Peasandthankyou – what an awesome website name! I think I will have to check it out. I LOVE the thought of being a vegetarian, but I don’t think I’m there yet or if I will ever be. But, in the meantime, like you, I’ll just try to eat healthier (and still enjoy comfort foods and yummy baked goods every so often!).

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