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chuggin’ along and rollin’ away!

September 23, 2010

Fall semester = busy life!

Hence, the lack of blogging these last couple of weeks. Don’t worry, we’ve eaten! However, life continues to happen and I just keep chugging along with it all. Menu planning? It’s not as structured as I would like it to be but it works! So, as I get back into the groove, I wanted to show you my first real attempt at making sushi rolls!

Let me preface this – I am a texture person. I don’t particularly like to eat slimy-feeling things, such as slices of cooked onions and slices of cooked onions. That being said, when I went to my friend Kim’s going-away dinner, I was a bit nervous when I found out that we were going to eat at a sushi restaurant. The most I’d ever had were California rolls (which do not have raw fish) or crawfish rolls (can we say, battered and cooked??). Lo and behold, I sampled my first piece of sushi – seared sesame tuna. I’ll let the picture explain itself:

I have to admit, it took me about 20 seconds or so to manage to chew the thing and swallow it. It wasn’t tough at all – as I chewed the fish, it felt apart into pieces, almost thread-like. It just took me a while because I couldn’t get out of my mind that I was eating something raw. Hesitation. Anyways, it did not taste fishy at all, which means it was really high quality fish. Overall, it’s an acquired taste and one that I am willing to acquire . . . slowly.

Since I’m still not a big fan of raw fish, I thought I would try to make my own sushi rolls at home. To “train” myself in the very soft texture of sushi, I purchased smoked salmon as the “meat” of the roll. That, and brown rice, slices of avocado, cucumber and carrots – I was ready to go. This was my second attempt (but first time using a sushi mat), and it was a bit haphazard (i.e., I didn’t really know what I was doing) so I don’t have a recipe outlined. My suggestion is just to search online for recipes and play around with the kind of tastes that you like. Experiment, even!

So, rolling along . . .





Voila! I’ve got left over nori sheets so I’ll try make these again and post my “recipe”. Until next time!

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