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setback. setback, I say!

October 21, 2010

I start this post at the urging of my husband. Okay, so he didn’t urge me to write a blog but he did urge me to sit and relax. And what other way to relax than to write on this blog that’s been missing my words for some time now? Exactly.

I’m afraid the monster that is called BUSYNESS has rendered me incapable these last several weeks (27 days, to be precise) of updating. You see, I’m still learning this thing called “balance”.


However, I do believe I’ve got good reason for the lack of updates. The silence on my little piece of the world wide web is, WAS, a minor setback. You see, I’ve been too busy . . . getting ready to move into a house!

That’s right, folks. My husband and I, through four years of saving and scrimping and thinking and praying, finally made the big purchase, in just a matter of weeks! We were blessed to find a wonderful realtor, who quickly found us a house (actually, the house we bought was the first one we saw in one morning of 3 house viewings) and recommended a great lender. The next thing we knew, we were making an offer within a day of viewing our choice home and the ball just kept on rolling! We closed at the end of September and October has been a mixture of home makeovers and packing and LIFE (you know, the usual). I’m hoping in the next several weeks to get back into the swing of things by blogging about my love of food and cooking and also the process we went through in buying our home. More to come? Pictures of the GREAT WALLPAPER REMOVAL OF 2010.

So, I don’t feel so bad for not having updated. I don’t feel like a blog failure! I just needed some time to re-prioritize (i.e. move the heck on out of our 800 sq foot apartment and into 1300 square feet of our own space) and get ready for the big move. T-minus 3 days.

Speaking of which, time to pack more boxes. Here we go!

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