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resolutions. maybe, maybe not.

January 6, 2011

I have to say that with the new year, I can’t help but think about new year’s resolutions. Lists start popping up in my head and I’m ready to make goals.

Okay, let’s put on the brakes.

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve made resolutions. You know why? Because I break them! I won’t speak for others but for me, it seemed I would always set myself up for failure. I would be great on my resolutions for about a month or two, then crash and burn. So I stopped making them.

But in light of resolutions, I think about the motivation behind them. Is it just to put something on your checklist to conquer? Or is it a lifestyle change you are wanting to make? I have to admit that with past resolutions, I wasn’t thinking long-term, nor was I just wanting to check things off a list. I didn’t think about my motives nor did I have a plan with those resolutions and that’s why I failed (though you may be more disciplined than I am and actually successful with your resolutions!).

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So, am I making resolutions now? No. (Actually, I think I’m too late because shouldn’t I already be doing my resolutions, i.e. it’s the 6th day of January!) But I’m going to do my best to continue in what I have been trying to do in 2010: eat healthier, be consistent with running and exercise, be giving of my time and money, use my time and money wisely and grow in my relationship with the Lord. These are some of the things that I just want to be better at, each day, each month and each year.

I do have some goals, though – things I don’t do enough of or have not ever done. A checklist of sorts! And because I like lists, here you go:

1. Learn how to properly use ALL my tools in the kitchen and make the most out of them, instead of running out to the store and buying new items & gadgets.
My motivation? I want to get better at cooking, which is one of my passions. If I don’t know how to use my tools, how can I get better at cooking? Sure, I may be able to whip up a nice dinner but did I just ruin my pots and pans in the process?
My plan for this?
See #2 below.

2. Organize my kitchen!  I’ve got several drawers of measuring cups, knives, forks, spoons, ladles, etc that are just screaming to be sorted. (I’ll blame this on having been in my new house for a couple of months.)
My motivation? Well, my kitchen is not messy but because we did just move recently, I’m still having to open up several drawers before finding something. So, organizing will alleviate the search for that funnel! (where the heck is it?!)
My plan for this? Set aside an appropriate and realistic amount of time on a Saturday. I’ve already got all my organizational things (containers, etc) so I’ve just got to commit to a couple of hours to do this.

3. Read my first non-fiction C.S. Lewis book.  (I know.  I KNOW! It’s a shame that I’m twenty-eight years old and have never read his books other than the Chronicles of Narnia.)
My motivation? It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a non-fiction book that has challenged my thinking and spiritual growth. I’m a perpetual learner so I want to always be challenged and grow. We can never stop learning!
My plan for this? Pick a book (either “Screwtape Letters” or “Mere Christianity”) and put away all the other half-read books on my nightstand.

4. Train well for my 3rd half-marathon. Dallas Rock ‘N Roll Half, here I come!
My motivation? Well, I’ve paid for the half marathon already so I better stick to my training and do the race! But really, I want to do this race faster than my last time and I want to do it without injuring myself. And, to enjoy the race! (but I really won’t be racing against anyone, because I’m slow, so I’ll be racing against me)
My plan for this? Continue to participate in all my running classes. Thanks to the parks & rec department of my town, I signed up for a running class that meets twice a week. It was very affordable, everyone is super nice and quite motivating and we have a coach who knows how to train us hard but safely.

5. Save up money for a very nice Henckel’s chef’s knife. Gulp.
My motivation? Most our knives, except for one, are crappy. Crappy knives = unhappy cook.
My plan for this? To think twice before purchasing anything big so that I can weigh if I really need that particular item. Because if I don’t purchase that item, it’s money set aside for this knife.

6. Plan an amazing 5-year-wedding anniversary weekend for my husband and I. Constraints? It’s got to be local (so we can save money).
My motivation? To celebrate five years of marriage with my husband! As we just bought a house, we’re not in a position to spend a ton of money on a trip. Plus, I love the challenge of being creative in finding something fun to do while not breaking the bank.
My plan for this? Research, research, research! Thankfully, we live in a metroplex where there are two big cities in driving distance (though driving to these places tend to stress me out because of the large amount of traffic along the way) with lots to do.

7. Host a dinner party. Or two. Or three. Or more! I love to cook and eat food and spend time with people. This must happen. Eating and fellowship? What could be better?
My motivation? We didn’t buy a house JUST to get away from the college apartment complex atmosphere or to have a firm financial investment or to have more space, our own space. We bought a house so we can have more space to share with others. We want to share this blessing with our family and friends, to sit and chat and get to know one another better. And sitting around, eating and talking? Why, it sounds like a great way to do so.
My plan for this? Of course, have a pow-wow with the husband to make sure it’s okay. And then, look at our monthly budget to see where we have wiggle room to do such a thing. Maybe host a potluck because it’s more cost-friendly.

8. Host a clothing/accessories exchange. Thanks for the idea, Sarah!
My motivation? I have too much stuff. Stuff I don’t wear or use anymore because it doesn’t fit or I’ve lost my interest in it. I know I’m not the only one who feels this. I figured, to save money, my friends and I can indirectly raid each other’s closets to see if we can find something we like. And to donate whatever isn’t taken to the nearest shelter, thrift store or resale shop.
My plan for this? Contact my girlfriends and find out if they’re interested in doing this. If they are, then we can all look in our closets for things we would like to trade (in my case, unpack more boxes!).

9. Conquer bechamel sauce and create homemade lasagna (well, except for the noodles part because I don’t have a pasta maker).
My motivation? I love Italian food. Love it. LOVE it. I’ve never made a lasagna before, save for a disastrous attempt at a veggie lasagna. We won’t go there. Anyway, I don’t want to buy frozen lasagna to just pop in the oven – I want to make my own so I know exactly what goes in it and not crazy-can’t-pronounce ingredients. I want to make it as fresh as possible and not processed.
My plan for this? Put this dish in one of my weekly meal plans, read a cookbook, follow the recipe and hope for the best!

10. Eat more vegetables and fruit, everyday.
My motivation? I want to eat healthier and put better things in my body than a processed snack or TV dinner.
My plan for this? Create a weekly meal plan that incorporates more vegetables in season (i.e. cheap veggies!) and shop for them. Also, eat more fruit as snacks.

Okay, call it what you may – goals, resolutions, whatever. There you have it. What about you? What are your resolutions or goals for this new year? Are you just wanting to tackle a to-do list, goals you have to do by end of 2011, or are you thinking about lifestyle changes?

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  1. Karen McCommas permalink
    January 6, 2011 3:58 pm

    LOVE your list, especially numbers 2, 3, 7, 8, and 9. I have a list similar to this and I love all the new challenges! Good luck and let me know if you need any help or company!

  2. May 3, 2011 7:31 pm

    so…..whats the update on these!?! Wish I could be at your dinner party!

    • May 3, 2011 7:34 pm

      That is so funny you wrote that because after I left a comment on your blog, I looked at my list again and thought, I need to update this! 🙂 Will do so, soon!

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