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busyness = absence.

March 7, 2011

I know, I know. Silence on the blog front. Neglect. I promise, I have been feeding my husband (and myself). Alas, the last several weeks have been insanely busy, with work and other things so my food blog has been put on the back burner, no pun intended. The good thing about this is, I’ve accumulated some new recipes for my arsenal, which I hope to post in the coming days. You’re excited, no? Please say yes!

But, why so busy?

Well, to start things off – the nature of spring 2011 brings me a lot of work (different from some things I do in my job during the fall term). Working at a very prominent music college, we use the spring to hold auditions for aspiring musicians – high school seniors and transfers applying to become students for the fall 2012 semester. It’s a fun season but can be very stressful too. Suffice to say, my co-workers and I are very happy that audition season is over . . . at least, until spring 2012.

Among the other things I’ve juggled the last several weeks, I ran my third half marathon! Along with my running class (most of whom had never run a half marathon before – they were amazing!), we tackled 13.1 miles of roads and hills in Fort Worth – groaning, complaining, chatting and laughing – making some of the best memories we’ll ever have. Each of us successfully crossed the finish line in good health and eventually, in good cheer (we knew we were getting a medal and some freebies like ice cream, granola bars, yogurt, popcorn and a finisher’s shirt!). For myself, I was able to have a PR at the Cowtown Half Marathon – running the course in 2 hours and 25 minutes. I wasn’t planning on running this particular race but the week before, one of my friends in the class got injured so I ran in her stead. I’m happy with my time, considering I ran both my first two half marathons in 2 hours and 45 minutes, respectively. I’ll consider the Cowtown Half as a training run for my next race, the Dallas Rock & Roll Half Marathon on March 27th. New time goal? Hopefully 2 hours and 15 minutes but we shall see!

So, thanks for your patience as I dealt with the busyness of life these last several weeks. I feel like life is slowing down now, sort of a downhill slope into summertime. Hopefully, a slower life means more time to blog about one of my favorite things, food! In the meantime, here’s my running class, in all our sweaty, Cowton Half Marathon glory . . . way to go, everyone!

and me, hamming it up for the camera:

and me, looking all tough (yeah right – I’m exhausted at this point!) near the finish:

a little encouragement for my fellow runners out there on the course:

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