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our favorite meal.

March 8, 2011

Yep – this post is rather behind on the times but better late than never, right?

Well, Valentine’s Day came and went rather quickly this year. I don’t exactly recall how busy we were that week, but my husband and I knew one thing – we would NOT be going out on that weekend. Who wants to deal with large crowds on what supposedly is the most romantic day of the year? Uh-uh. Not us.

We opted for a much calmer evening the following weekend. We avoided chain restaurants (our town is chock-full of fantastic little mom-and-pop places, why bother with corporate establishments?) and chose to eat at our favorite restaurant. It’s called the International Food of Denton and it’s a small shop run by a really nice Iranian family. We’ve been local customers for about 5 years now and we try to make a habit to eat there every so often, to support them and to partake in some Mediterranean food deliciousness. Our meal that evening:

za’atar bread

noon paneer

chicken biryani

Yeah, we’re not fancy kind of people. We’ll take ethnic cuisine over upscale food any day. We could eat the above meal every day, really. It’s that good. Now, if said upscale food was free . . . then it would be another story, hehe. Anyways, our choice to celebrate Valentine’s Day a week late was a great one – we had a delicious meal and most importantly, we immensely enjoyed each other’s company.

So, for my two readers out there 🙂 if you celebrated Valentine’s Day with a significant other, your friends or your family, what did you do to mark the occasion? Also, what is a meal that you love so much you would be okay eating it every day?

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  1. March 14, 2011 10:11 pm

    I don’t think I’m one of the aforementioned readers, but I do enjoy your blog. My husband and I love to eat at a German-inspired restaurant in St. Louis called The Feasting Fox. On Valentine’s Day, they have live music and cute little table decorations. One dish that I could eat every day is their sausage sampler. I’m not the biggest sausage fan in the world, but their German sausage is the best thing on this planet. Dipped in horseradish and all the varieties! Your Iranian restaurant looks good too. Maybe the next time we’re in Denton. 🙂

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