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worldwide wordpress 5k? sign me up.

April 10, 2011
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I was logged onto WordPress the other day and this caught my eye – a group called Automattic (web specialists) wrote about doing a worldwide wordpress 5k to promote staying healthy, for tomorrow April 10. I figured, since I was signed up to do the free 5k race in my town this morning, I would join in (they gave everyone from April 4 through April 10 to complete their exercises and runs). Here is my sweaty self, after the race (Denton County Health Department’s “Take the First Step” 5k – to combat cardiovascular disease):

Here’s a little race recap of sorts. I met up with quite a few friends from my running class, so that was nice. I knew that we would all be running in our own pace but it was still nice to see everyone there, sharing pre-race “jitters” and complaining about the heat. At 9 am, it was already quite hot and very humid. I estimated the temperature to be at 70-75 degrees F and at 80% humidity. Um, not fun at all. It was held at a local park not too far from my house – a park with a paved running trail that I’ve done countless of walks with my husband and training runs by myself or with friends. Flat course, too so I was anticipating I would be able to run it pretty fast. It was a very low-brow event, no chip-timing, the race director was on a mega-phone giving instructions, that kind of thing. Several people took everyone through a warm-up. I was cracking up throughout it because we didn’t have much room to do the little exercises. I was careful not to elbow people – and very careful not to be elbowed by others.

Because there was no chip-timing, my time would have been “off” some because I was at the back of the pack, if I had relied on the race clock that was there. The clock started the moment the first few people crossed the starting line. Thank goodness for my Garmin. I started that thing as soon as I stepped across the starting line (complete with an archway of helium balloons above me). I was shooting to run a 9-min/mile pace but because of the heat, I was very tired within a few minutes. You may call that an excuse but it’s just hard for me to run fast when it’s hot, plain and simple. I was able to finish the 1st mile in 9:29, with my best pace of 7:52. I didn’t take any water during that first mile. As I trudged on, tackling the second mile, I paused to walk at one point for about 5- 10 seconds (I’m not sure) and took a sip of water when they offered it at a water station. I finished the 2nd mile in 9:18, with my best pace of 8:20. I knew the end was near – just 1.1 more miles so I tried my best to keep up a good pace. I walked twice, at 5-10 seconds each time, and definitely took another sip of icy water. I completed the 3rd mile in 9:44, with my best pace at 8:00. So, a total of 3 miles in aprox. 28:32. Not bad, considering how hot and tired I was. That had to be the hottest run of this season yet! The course, according to my Garmin, was longer than 3.1 miles. It was actually 3.18 miles, which I finished in 29:59, just one second below 30 minutes. Of course, I was somewhat disappointed with my time but now, I’m okay with it. It is what it is. I’m just not a hot-weather runner but maybe by training in it, I’ll just be faster during the cooler months. Plus, it was great to come out and do a community event and to see that my town really cares about its citizens. The event was free, I was able to see my friends and I got a nice workout – what more could I ask for?

with friends Michelle & Tim (from my half-marathon running class in the winter); do you see how much sweat I have on my face???

Next race? A 10k with my running class. Middle of May, increasingly warmer temperatures. I’ll put this out there – I’d like to do the 10k in 56-58 minutes. Ack, is that too much to hope for??

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  1. April 13, 2011 12:26 am

    great race!! I wish we had the weather. Our is 90F and 100% humidity already. ick!

    • April 14, 2011 2:06 am

      thank you, lindsay! ew – 90 degrees already? yuck. for us here in north tx, it varies. one day it’s real nice, then the next day it’s super hot. then you factor in crazy winds. sigh…

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