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resolutions/goals update. about time, huh?

May 3, 2011

So, my blog friend Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch wrote a great post today about goals (specifically her inclination towards growth opportunities, challenges and focus as opposed to making and meeting a goal). It made me think about my own January post about resolutions, goals, what have you. Thanks, Lindsay for the reminder that I need to update everyone on how I’m doing on this list!

1. Learn how to properly use ALL my tools in the kitchen and make the most out of them, instead of running out to the store and buying new items & gadgets.
No excuses here. I have continuously been busy since we moved into our house – I’ve not had time to look at all my supplies in the kitchen.  Thankfully, I think I have a pretty good grasp on most things – I’ve been able to cook plenty of meals with no problems!  I need to do an inventory of all that I have.

2. Organize my kitchen!  I’ve got several drawers of measuring cups, knives, forks, spoons, ladles, etc that are just screaming to be sorted. 
I am proud to admit that I have done a bit of organizing! I bought several plastic containers – big ones to small ones. I have three big plastic tubs in one cabinet, where all my tupperware resides (separated by size and lids). I have small containers in a drawer to separate my measuring cups and spoons and other baking related utensils. I also organized my spice cabinet, even going so far as putting them in height order and labeling the lids (if the bottle’s label is obscured by another bottle, I put a small label on the side of the lid so I can just look instead of pulling out the bottle). Pretty much, all the other cabinets and drawers are good to go, except for maybe 2 random drawers. Not bad, huh?

3. Read my first non-fiction C.S. Lewis book. 
Currently reading Mere Christianity! 

4. Train well for my 3rd half-marathon.
Done and then some!  I was training with a half-marathon class and the race at the end of the class was the Fort Worth Cowtown Half. A friend of mine got injured so I ran in her stead. (I know that this isn’t that kosher, but she and I are the same age and same physical ability so I didn’t feel bad running the Cowtown as “her”.) I used the Cowtown half as a training run (finished it in 2:25) and I completed my 4th half-marathon one month later at the Dallas Rock ‘N Roll Half, with a PR (and official time) of 2:13! Read my race recap here. I’m done doing half-marathons for the year, but I’m looking to challenge myself in trying to run faster 5ks and 10ks (I have a 10k in two weeks).

5. Save up money for a very nice Henckel’s chef’s knife. Gulp.
We’ve had other expenses so a fancy but useful knife has not been top priority. But I’m not giving up! One day.

6. Plan an amazing 5-year-wedding anniversary weekend for my husband and I. Constraints? It’s got to be local (so we can save money).
Guess what? We’re going to San Francisco for our anniversary weekend! I found a great deal on airfare ($200 round trip, per person) and also an affordable hotel in downtown SF. We’re both super excited to get away, especially since it won’t be hot there like it is in Texas.

7. Host a dinner party. Or two. Or three. Or more!
Since we moved, I’ve been able to host several lunches and dinners, like having a group of friends over for dinner and having family over for Thanksgiving (there were 8 of us total). But most recently, we had six music students over for Easter Sunday lunch. It was a lot of fun and overall, pretty easy! Read about it here.

8. Host a clothing/accessories exchange.
Yeah. Haven’t done this. But, I have donated clothing, though!

9. Conquer bechamel sauce and create homemade lasagna (well, except for the noodles part because I don’t have a pasta maker).
I actually did this! We ended up eating lasagna on Valentine’s day and it was really good. I found a nice recipe and hope to just make it better in due time. (I have to admit, though, I was a bit nervous making this – especially the bechamel part, but it turned out well. More importantly, the husband LOVED it.)

10. Eat more vegetables and fruit, everyday.
This has happened pretty often, though not every day. I just continue to buy fresh fruit each week, so my husband and I can snack on it. As far as vegetables go, I’ve been cooking more vegetarian recipes and also discovering my love for salad. I definitely can continue to eat more fruit and vegetables, but I’ve done well compared to years past.

What about you? Have you dropped off the resolution bandwagon or are you still trucking along?

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  1. May 4, 2011 5:29 pm

    The Four Loves is also an interesting Lewis book. If you can find a recording of it read by Lewis himself, it’s worth a listen. It’s one of the few recordings of his own voice reading his work. He used to read on the radio, so it’s appropriate. I don’t remember the publisher. I checked it out from a library several years ago.

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