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I ate it.

May 4, 2011

Before I go on, I have to warn you. This is a very running-centric post. There is also some graphic matter here. Well, graphic as in pictures of my scraped up knees and hand 😦

Yep, on tonight’s run, I ate it. While running, I fell. It’s a first for me, getting injured this way. I figured it was bound to happen, sooner or later. I’m just a klutz like that! I was pretty surprised that it’s taken this long for it to happen and there you have it.

But I’ll go into a little bit more detail because we know how long-winded I can be, hehehe. Tonight’s running class goal was 5.5 miles, in preparation for our 10k on May 14. I wasn’t nervous about this run – I had covered this distance before with no problems. I just wanted to try and run it faster than last week’s 5 miler. One of the guys in the class, Patrick, brought his son in his stroller and he and I started the run at a “fast” pace. The sun was out, there was wind, and we were going at a pretty steady clip. Tonight’s run was definitely not like last week’s, where we got faster and faster as each mile came. I attribute it to the heat, or maybe my body just couldn’t handle it. I think it’s the former, because even after I fell, I kept running and I feel like I could have picked up the pace a bit more during some of the miles. But I digress.

We did the same two loops as last week. During the 2nd loop, nearing or around mile 3, we ran through this road/parking lot by the park, where the road is uneven and parts of it broken (not paved well). I’m usually very careful and look down where I step but I didn’t this time (probably looking at my Garmin watch). Next thing I know, my right shoe got caught on part of the broken road and I fell on my knees. Luckily I stopped the fall from being worse (i.e. a face plant on the ground) by also landing on my hands. My left hand is fine but my right hand got a small scrape (just a tiny bit of blood). It’s definitely bruised and I think, so are my knees. I got up quickly after I fell, looked down and saw my bloody knees, also a scrape down my left shin. My knees looked kind of bad, but blood wasn’t trickling down my legs so I kept going. Near mile 4 or so, our running sub Kelly caught up with us and she asked if I was okay. Patrick handed me my water bottle (which was in his son’s stroller) and I poured some water on my legs. The wind hit and my knees started stinging bad. Smooth move, right? I slowed my pace down because it hurt to move and I chatted with Kelly. I ended up just doing 5 miles instead of 5.5 so I could go to the bathroom at our rec center to clean up my battle scars. Got some alcohol antiseptic pads and cleaned up my knees. That HURT! They didn’t have peroxide, which usually stings less. When everyone else finished running, we stretched but I could barely move – the skin on my knees still stung. I wonder how it will be tomorrow.

(as the hours have passed, my knees and hand look a tad worse; I think it’s bruising)

But I’m thankful that I could still run, even after falling. I was worried at first about my knees – as in the bones and joints, but I didn’t experience any pain whatsoever. This is a very good thing as my right knee has been injured in the past and will flare up every so often (I think it’s an IT band problem). I came home and showed my husband my injured knees, saw his concern and assured him that I was fine. Here are my mile splits to prove it 🙂

(click on image to make it bigger)

And here’s a happy girl, oh so grateful that I can still stand with no problem. And no matter what, I have so many more reasons to be grateful!

Such as, having a nice house to come home to, a loving and supportive husband, a church community where I am challenged and encouraged, a hot meal (tonight’s dinner – a Filipino soup called tinola), purpose in my life and in things that I do, an abundance of coffee shops in the college town that I live in, friends to converse with over caffeinated drinks and this sweet little kitty:

Here’s a two-fold question for you – any running mishaps like mine tonight? And what are you grateful for this week?

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  1. May 5, 2011 10:38 pm

    Sorry about your first fall! I’ve fallen twice. One time, I put a hole in my glove when I fell. I was glad that I was wearing gloves (winter run)!

    • May 11, 2011 2:20 am

      I’m sure I’ll fall again 🙂 Ooh – you actually put a hole in your glove? That must have been pretty bad :-\

  2. May 7, 2011 10:19 pm

    You are a trooper. You fell gracefully, then kept going, even after the injury!!!

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