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ten tangent thursday.

May 12, 2011

Okay, so the reason why that’s my title is I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about and couldn’t find a cohesive way of doing it. Today, you get a list instead 🙂

  • I ran on the treadmill last night for only the 2nd time in my life.  I have an aversion to treadmills.  It’s because I’m a klutz.  If I can fall on non-moving ground, who says that I won’t fall on my face on a treadmill, for crying out loud?!  It was rainy & stormy with lots of lightning & thunder after work, so our coach determined that we would have to run inside the recreation center – i.e. the dreaded treadmill.  Only two of us from the class showed up, which makes for a grand total of three people doing a short 2-mile workout.  Let me tell you, those 2 miles seemed to go on forever!  After our run (2 miles in 21 minutes for me), we stretched outside because the rain had stopped and talked “shop” – everything from running shoes to goals.  My coach thinks I can achieve a 24-minute 5k with proper training, especially if I start doing tempo runs. Eeeek!  I just need to stop being a weenie about it and give it a try.
  • Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow’s Friday (haha), which means the spring semester will officially be over!  For those of you who don’t know, I’m not a student but I do work in a university.  Summer means less students and uninterrupted work.  It’s quiet and I love it!  Plus, I’m not having to fight for a parking spot on campus.  This is a HUGE deal.
  • My husband and I are considering disputing our county’s proposed appraisal value of our home.  It’s a bit stressful but the husband has done his homework and we’re getting some great tips from friends.  Maybe, just maybe, we can keep our property taxes down?
  • I am running my 10k race on Saturday and the high is only supposed to be 72.  Which means the temperature will be between 55 degrees and 60 degrees. LOVE. IT. (But I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up.  It IS Texas afterall, the land of can’t-make-up-its-mind weather.)
  • I am grateful for the Lord’s provision in giving me several photography gigs in the last couple of months.  I get to practice my art, provide friends with a service and earn some cash. (Charlie Sheen reference coming . . .) WINNING!
  • Two of my good friends are moving to the same town in Georgia.  One is going to get her PhD and the other has a new job.  Never been to Georgia.  I see a trip in my future.
  • My running class is coming to an end, next week.  This makes me sad, as I have really enjoyed getting to know my friends there, running with them, and being encouraged & trained by our coach. Thankfully most of us live in the same town or nearby, so I’m sure I’ll see them again.  Plus, there’s always FB!  On another note, I signed up to use the university’s rec center this summer, to avoid running in the heat. It’s a huge place, with two indoor swimming pools, lots of machines, and an indoor track. Yep – I’ll be running 8 laps to achieve 1 mile (or 40 laps to do 5 miles – oy, that’s a lot of laps!) but this is much better to me than running on a treadmill.
  • I borrowed 3 cookbooks from the library.  I am READY to start trying some new recipes!  I feel like I’ve been on a cooking lag lately.  My apologies to those of you who read my blog because of the food. Sigh.
  • In-n-Out Burger just opened up its first two Texas locations this past week.  I’ve never tasted this burger, but some people it’s fabulous and others say it’s so-so. A burger is a burger. I don’t think I would stand in line for hours just get a burger. But I would definitely opt for a 30-minute wait just to eat an Elysian burger.
  • A year ago, I was at my heaviest weight (oddly enough I was training for a half marathon last spring, but ate like crap). But in the last twelve months, after a LOT of running (and some strength training) and eating wisely and healthier, I have lost 10 pounds. Not my college weight (I’m about 5 pounds off that mark), but I am happy and thankful for it. I feel very healthy, glad that I can still eat things that I enjoy and that I’ve grown to love running in the process. For my height, I suppose I could lose a couple of more pounds, but I don’t think I’m going to do that. I think my weight is perfectly healthy and I’ve gained strong muscle. What more can I ask?

And that concludes today’s randomness.

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  1. May 13, 2011 5:46 pm

    Congrats on getting an In-N-Out. I went to LA a few years ago and ate at one. The memory of the food didn’t stick. So when my husband and I went to CA last summer, we decided to go to one during a one-night stay in San Jose. I don’t know if it was because we had just woken up from a nap after getting off the plane, but the burger seemed to hit the spot. I ordered from the menu, but my husband ordered his “animal style.” He liked it, but I wouldn’t have liked quite so many onions.

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