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ten tangent tuesday!

June 7, 2011

1. Today is just one of those days – I honestly don’t feel like running after work. Chalk it up to “women” problems or whathaveyou but a run is just not going to happen. So that I won’t feel totally bad about myself for not exercising, I am going to do a ballet workout DVD at home. And don’t think this is easy stuff, friends. It’s hard, hard, hard!

2. I just had a blueberry scone and blueberry green tea for my mid-morning snack. Very yummy. I get hungry a lot, like I have to eat every 3-4 hours. This is not a bad thing at all! I love food. Plus, research shows that it’s better to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day than eating 3 large meals in one day.

3. I hope I’m not getting sick :-\ I can’t tell if it’s my allergies or something else. Boo. I just don’t feel up to par. I can feel ‘it’ in my throat.

4. Last night was my husband and I’s date night. We have done our weekly Monday night date night ever since we were dating. We rarely do anything “big”; enjoying each other’s company is the priority. For dinner, we ordered Pei Wei take-out. I ate pad thai (extra spicy) for my meal and have enough leftovers for lunch today. Hurrah! Way to stretch the $.

5. My kitchen and living room is a mess. Must take care of this after work! Plus, there’s more laundry to do . . . sigh.

6. I love chicken salad. I have a whole rotisserie chicken waiting to be shredded, just for this purpose. I will be the only one in our house who’ll eat the chicken salad. I don’t know what’s wrong with my husband – he’s crazy for not liking this stuff! Or egg salad, or tuna salad, etc.

7. I have a wedding to shoot in 2 weeks. Excited but a bit nervous. This is my 5th wedding to shoot. I haven’t shot a wedding in about 2 years. It’s a small wedding, though, in the afternoon so I think it will go smoothly. Small wedding party, “older” couple that I work with getting married, simple reception. I just have to remember not to fall on my face as I’m maneuvering around the aisle to get pictures of the bride. One, because it’s just not cool to fall on your face. Two, the dean of our music college will be there. I’m really hoping to keep my klutziness at bay.

8. Speaking of, my photography website highly needs an update. Like, bad.

9. Today seems like a blah day. I know what I need to do – recharge and refocus. Needing some quiet time with God.

10. I am getting way excited about our 5-year wedding anniversary trip to San Francisco! Soon, very soon. There will be lots of seafood eating involved.

Wait, one more “tangent” here. I was going through my Google reader this morning, catching up on all the blogs that I follow. One of the posts I read, from Skinny, made me think of how I approach my own blog. You’ll find that I don’t really write too much about my personal life here, while plenty of other blogs do. I think the latter is great for others (I wish I could be more brave like them!), but I’ve just never really felt comfortable with getting too personal on here. I mean, I don’t want you to think that my life is perfect because it’s not. Far from it! I’ve got my own sets of problems, issues and bouts of laziness. Sometimes I have 2nd or 3rd day hair and sometimes, my husband and I will pig out on wings from Wing Stop or Buffalo Wild Wings (we are not health fanatics; we are eating far, far healthier now more than we’ve ever been in our nearly 5-year marriage) . The armchair in our bedroom is covered with clothes that I need to hang up. I wish I could be super wide awake every morning to devote that time specifically to the Lord before I go to work. I fail a lot in this area.

Anyways, as much of an “extrovert” that I seem to be to my friends and family, as I’ve grown older, I’ve become more of an “introvert”. My husband is also quite shy and he prefers that I don’t write about too many details about our personal life on here. That’s why I’ve held things back. Maybe that’s why my blog won’t ever be as popular as others. Maybe, maybe, maybe. That is okay by me. If I can just use my blog as a resource for other women out there (and guys, too – I’m an equal opportunity blogger, thankyouverymuch!), I am truly satisfied. If others can learn about healthy eating and the benefits of exercising from my blog, I will be happy. If people read on here that there is a balance to life, I will have succeeded. So while you’ll never see a picture of me just rolling out of bed (because honestly, I don’t reach for the camera first thing when I wake up; the camera is sitting on my kitchen counter when it should be in my camera bag, argh) or read a post about my secrets (I have none, I promise! I’m not really exciting), I will still try and “entertain” you as much as I can, write about good food that I hopefully don’t screw up in the kitchen, keep you up to date with my (non-existent this week) running and anything else that strikes my fancy.

End tangent.

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  1. June 9, 2011 9:36 pm

    i love this.. tangent tuesday. 🙂 and i love you and your heart-dreams for this blog. 🙂

    • June 10, 2011 2:05 pm

      thank you, friend! love you too. ahh, I definitely think the Lord constantly shoots down my pride and keeps me humble, AND helps me keep things in perspective, to go after the “right” things instead of the “wrong” ones.

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