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quick meal idea: meatless bbq nachos

June 9, 2011

Here’s another Quick Meal Idea for you! Remember my post about veggie and bean burgers? I mentioned that I’ve used a crumbled up patty, cooked in a little bit of oil in a pan, to make nachos. Place the veggie & bean crumbles over tortilla chips, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top of that, then top with your favorite BBQ sauce. Microwave for 1-2 minutes to melt the cheese and you’re done. Give this a try – it’s yummy!

(almost looks like ground beef, huh?)

And yes, I did make it to the track yesterday. I’m not hardcore at all when it comes to running. Maybe I’m too cautious. But I took it easy since I had not run since Sunday morning. I had enough energy to run 3.5 miles! I wasn’t planning on doing a progressive run, but it ended up being that way. Completed the 1st mile in 10:46, the 2nd mile in 10:18, the 3rd mile in 9:53 and the 1/2 mile in 4:59. I think I could have finished a total of running 4 miles but I didn’t want to push myself. That’s okay! I’m just glad I got out there (well, in there – inside, on the indoor track at the rec center) and ran instead of going home and napping. I feel like it’s pushed me back into my routine.

Like my friend Tori at Running Funnier said, “I don’t regret the runs I do . . . just the ones I skip.”

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