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wedding anniversary trip, part 3.

July 12, 2011

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Oy, these 100+ degree temperatures are really quite a doozie. Sheesh! I sweat just walking from the parking lot into my office building. In the morning. Yep, that’s Texas weather for you. The heat just makes me think about our recent trip to San Francisco. Sixty degree weather, how I miss you! How I long for you!

Okay – back to reality. But before that, hehehe, here’s the final installment of our oh-so-wonderful trip to San Fran. WARNING: this is a long picture post! But you like these kinds of posts instead of my ramblings, right? πŸ˜‰

Our second day there (which was our only FULL day in the city) was quite busy. Non-stop tourist fun! Ate a quick breakfast at our hotel and then we hightailed it to Chinatown . . .

We bought a few souvenirs, got too intimidated by the sales people to haggle (my mom would have fared way better than me in this area), and took in the activity in the bustling streets of Chinatown. For a snack, we stopped at this bakery to try some Chinese pastries. Um, so good!

We also stopped at this tea shop, smelled different kinds of tea and received a free, impromptu tea lesson from a very nice saleslady. Brewing tea is an art and even tasting it properly is kind of tricky (you have to do this slurping thing at the front of your mouth – I tried it and sounded/looked funny doing it). We ended up buying two kinds of herbal teas – ginger lemongrass and rooibos.

After some time at Chinatown, we walked back to our hotel to drop off our purchases and then hopped on a cable car (to give our legs a break) to the middle of Chinatown, where we stopped and proceeded to walk the rest of the way onto the North Beach (aka Little Italy) neighborhood. Our goal was to hunt down the City Lights Bookstore, a place famous for being THE hangout of the beat poet generation, like Jack Kerouac. We found it easily enough and went inside. I got all sneaky-like and took some pictures (I wasn’t sure if that was okay to do in there, hence the spy moves).

Afterwards, we found a park to rest at.

Then, onto Fisherman’s Wharf for a snack . . .

a boat ride around the bay, specifically to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island . . .

and finally, dinner! We ate a crab, petrale sole and sanddab. The crab was especially divine.

We ended our day by hanging taking a final cable car ride back to our hotel. But this time, we didn’t stand or sit inside the car – we hung on the side of it! Kinda scary but so much fun nonetheless. We rested up that evening, as we were exhausted from the day’s activities. Sad that we only had pretty much a morning left in San Francisco.

The next day, our final day there, we went back to the crepe restaurant where we ate more good food . . .

rode the train back to the airport . . .

and said so long, San Francisco! Until next time?

(the hubby wasn’t really mad, that’s his normal picture face, hehe)

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  1. July 12, 2011 5:24 pm

    I love your pictures. My husband and I went to similar places for Valentine’s Day weekend last year, we want to go back so bad and maybe do a coastal drive to San Francisco.

    I just found your blog and we have a few things in common. I look forward to reading your posts and enjoying your pictures.

    • July 12, 2011 5:37 pm

      Thanks for stopping by! I just checked out your blog – a fellow foodie! And are you Filipino as well?

  2. July 14, 2011 6:20 pm

    We visited the wharf last year when I ran in the Big Sur marathon. Looks like you had fun! Happy 5th anniversary!

  3. July 15, 2011 5:59 pm

    Looks like you found tea heaven and book heaven in the same trip! Fun photos. Thanks for sharing. Our recent trip to Portland took us to the famous Powell’s City of Books. Wouldn’t it be fun to plan a “bookstore” vacation, where all you did was hit famous bookstores across the country? Of course, I’d have to take an extra suitcase for all my finds.

    • July 16, 2011 12:37 am

      I did – I wish I could have spent more time in that bookstore but our time was limited. And that is a fabulous idea – a bookstore vacation! That would be divine πŸ™‚

  4. July 15, 2011 6:28 pm

    SF has such color and flare! i love it. wish we could live there. And the hubs face, priceless!

    • July 16, 2011 12:38 am

      I love colors πŸ™‚ haha – my husband HATES getting his picture taken so he usually makes a face. I’m like, if you make a face, I’ll photograph it!

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