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three tangent thursday, because I got nothin’ else for you!

July 21, 2011

It’s one of those weeks, I think. I’m just lacking inspiration. Sad. Add to the fact that it’s seemed to be a busy week, though I don’t think we’ve had more going on than usual. It’s just felt busy and tiring. Hence a “short” post for you! (I HAD pictures to post but our internet connection is acting janky tonight.)


I’ve done real well with my workouts lately. The main thing with me is consistency. I may not be the strongest girl or fastest runner, but if I can remain consistent with my exercise, I am happy. And with consistency comes strength! Makes me even more happy. Here’s an example of what I’ve been doing lately:

*all runs/exercises done by myself unless noted otherwise

July 4 – Liberty Run 5k (race in town)
July 6 – 5 mile run (in 55:02, 11 min/mile pace)
July 8 – 2.5 mile run (speed/interval workout)
July 10 – 3.09 mile run with friends (in 39:13, 12:42 min/mile pace)
July 11 – 5 mile tempo run (in 52:49, 10:34 min/mile pace)
July 13 – 8 mile run (in 1:27:00, 10:53 min/mile pace)
July 18 – 3 mile run (in 31:47, 10:36 min/mile pace)
July 20 – 5 mile run (in 53:57, 10:47 min/mile pace)

Most days, whenever I’m not running, I’m either doing kettlebells or a walking/squats/weights DVD at home, for strength-training (which I want to do more of). I make sure to give myself at least 1 day of rest a week, but sometimes I rest for two days. I look forward to running and working out most of the time, can you believe that? I used to not be this way.

On another note, to wrap up this 1st tangent, my love for running long distances is increasing! I’m not training for any particular race right now, but I am so so so tempted to train for another half marathon, for a race in September. I love setting goals for myself! I really don’t know if I’ll do this but I’m at least trying to work my way up to running 20 to 25 miles a week, peaking at 10 miles for a long run.


I love to cook. You already know this. But cooking is one of those few things that I do, that I feel so at peace with myself. Yes, I’m only cooking for me and my husband right now – no little kiddies running around, screaming for attention. I’m sure I won’t be as peaceful in the kitchen when that times comes! However, for now, I love the time I spend cutting and prepping and mixing and cooking. It’s my happy place.

Today, as soon as I got off work, I made a quick trip to the grocery store, then came right home to get my workout done (walking/squats DVD, plus some kettlebell exercises and planks since I ran yesterday). Our house is a bit of a mess right now and I’ve got so much to get done tonight to prepare for a houseguest this weekend so I admit, I was a little bit panicked. Alas, I knew I had to cook so off to the kitchen I went after my workout. While my husband was busy unpacking his new bass/acoustic panel traps (for his budding home recording studio), I put on a DVD (Planet Earth) that I could watch easily and got busy cooking. Though I was working quickly to put dinner on the table, I still felt so peaceful. With all the busyness going on, I was alright.

One of the few other times I feel at peace is when I’m running! While I’m grimacing through pain, sure, but my mind is completely blank and I don’t think of a thing. No thoughts, no worries, no nothing. I am so thankful for this.


The summer is zooming by so quickly. Do you realize how scary this is?! Okay, I’ll tone down the dramatics (I’m really not scared) but time IS flying by. Only a few weeks left in July and then August is here. I want time to slow down because I still have so much more to do at work before the fall semester starts. My office is a mess, with too many papers that need to be filed and put away before more papers and forms start appearing again. I’m definitely excited for the new school year, though, and for all the students to arrive – it’s definitely fun, for sure. I love living in a college town. There’s just a buzz in the atmosphere, Target and Walmart are overrun by college freshmen and the campus is once again crowded. But the fall semester brings about my busiest time at work – from end of August until about mid-March. Whew!

It has been a terrific summer, though. Despite the busyness and such, I’ve loved every minute of the last couple of months. Not the heat, thankyouverymuch, but time spent with my husband, going on our anniversary trip, celebrating my birthday, hanging out with family and with friends. Gotta count the blessings, you know?

End tangent 🙂

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  1. July 22, 2011 3:00 pm

    I tend to freak out a little when I cook. I like cooking, and I really like the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done, but sometimes the stress creeps in. This usually happens when I’m cooking for more than two. Wish me luck tonight! Baked pasta with chicken and tomatoes. I could probably cook this recipe in my sleep, so hopefully all will go well!

    • July 22, 2011 3:27 pm

      Yeah – the more people to cook over, that peace flies out the window! 😉 I still haven’t gotten down the art of cooking for more than 4. Eeeek. Good luck with your pasta dish – sounds good!

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