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pregnancy craving . . . egg salad.

January 16, 2012

Not my usual fare, I have to admit. But you know, as much as I love ethnic, organic and gourmet-type foods, I also really like simple things such as fried chicken, meat loaf and egg salad. Three things I hardly make at home (actually, I’ve never made meat loaf – husband doesn’t like it. I love the stuff!). So yeah, egg salad.

The other night, I was taking inventory of the food we had in the fridge and freezer. I’ve done pretty well (if I do say so myself) in cooking meals ahead of time, on the weekends, and freezing them. Working all day, 40+ hours a week at times, and being 27 weeks pregnant tires a woman out! But with my frozen meals, I just have to take out a tupperware or freezer bag, let it defrost in the fridge all day and voila, dinner is ready to be heated. I had most of our meals for the week already cooked and frozen so I just need to make one more meal and snacks for the next 5 days. I made quite a few versions of fudge babies (posted the other day) and made a batch of chocolate quinoa bars (found a recipe from this blog). I wondered what else I should make and I thought, why not make some hard boiled eggs? Quick snack to go with an apple or some crackers. I’m easy to please! And since I would be making hard boiled eggs, why not make egg salad? Ahhh, pregnancy. Ever since I thought of making egg salad (mmmm, egg salad sandwich), that’s all I’ve been thinking about! Darn craving!

As the norm for me, I searched online for a good recipe. Found one on (one of my favorite food websites) and gave it a try. Verdict? It was really good, for a very simple recipe! I’ll be making this one again, as my go-to base recipe for egg salad. Husband’s verdict? He won’t touch the stuff, I’m afraid. He is NOT a fan of egg salad or chicken salad or tuna salad (what’s wrong with him?!). I don’t think I can ever convert the guy. Anyways, check out the recipe here – I didn’t change anything about it except for omitting the green onions and only making 1 serving of this. I made it tonight, tried a bit of it on a piece of end toast and it was so good! I have some left for a small sandwich tomorrow. Yum!

Okay, so it’s not the prettiest picture. But it’s so good!

Oh, two cooking tips I just learned.

#1 – I finally found the perfect way to make hard boiled eggs! Thank you, Elise at Simply Recipes. Finally a method of cooking eggs that works for me. I’ve tried other methods (like my father-in-law’s way and a whole host of other ones) but I’ve never produced perfect hard boiled eggs. I won’t blame the methods. Let’s chalk it up to user error. But in my search for an egg salad recipe, I found Elise’s way of cooking hard boiled eggs. It takes a while but it’s definitely worth it.

#2 – if you DO stick an unlit (of course, people) matchstick in between your teeth while chopping/slicing onions, your eyes will NOT water. I first heard of this trick from the movie “The Help”. Every time I chop onions, it’s such an ordeal (eyes watering, eyes burning!) so I thought I’d try it. It worked! I looked pretty silly but as long as my eyes weren’t burning from the onions, I’m okay with that.

Have a good rest of the week!

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  1. January 17, 2012 3:45 am

    I love allrecipes too! And egg salad. I found a yummy avocado egg salad on there too

  2. January 17, 2012 10:40 pm

    That is funny you mention the matchstick trip for cutting onions because I totally want to try it soon.

    The other day, we rented the HELP for Jonathan to watch and I remember them saying that and taking note to try it.

    Before cutting onions the other day, I was searching the house for a matchstick, but couldn’t find one. Does it matter the size? Small and thin for lighting candles or the big thick ones for starting fires?

    • January 23, 2012 3:31 pm

      i just used the matchstick from the box, like the small and thin ones for lighting candles. other ways i’ve tried have been to peel the onion and run it under water for a few minutes, or lighting a candle and putting that candle on the countertop, right by where i was cutting the onions. so far, the matchstick trick is the best one – really works!

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