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February 11, 2012

Hi friends. I hope you are having a blissful weekend, wherever you are. Sorry for the lack of posts. I think it’s just been one of those weeks, where I’ve been left feeling tired and uninspired. Sure, we’ve eaten but every time I’ve thought about blogging, I turn lazy all of a sudden and just end up plopping on the couch, resting.

Granted, I am almost 8 months pregnant (31 weeks exactly) 😉 so I think I have a good excuse. Plus working during a very busy time just leaves me mentally exhausted – has that ever happened to you? Lord willing, I’ve got about a month and a half left of work before I go on maternity leave. That’s about 3 1/2 months of work I have to cram in the next 7-8 weeks. Whew!

So yes, I have been uninspired to write. But let’s turn this gloom into something better. Here are some things that have tried to spark some inspiration in me . . . hopefully I’ll be writing more regularly this upcoming week.

1. friends

Nope, not the show. I think I’m one of the few people I know (including my husband) who has never been a fan. I’m talking about real people. The friends I have been given. I love that I know so many different kinds of people and have been blessed to be able to call them friends. From people in our church homegroup to friends I met through other friends. Just today, I ate lunch with two new-ish friends. I love that even though I’ve only hung out with them a couple of times, I feel I have an instant connection with them already. They are so genuine and creative and kind and each time I’ve talked with them, I am encouraged.

2. the

I love this blog/website. Because I do most of my cooking during the weekends (and freeze the meals for future consumption), I don’t really cook at night during the week anymore (unless it’s marinated chicken or something). I miss cooking after work. I miss being creative with my meals. My husband insists that I’m still creative, with our meal plans and dishes. He’s so encouraging! But you know what I mean – I miss being able to just throw a dish together. Anyways, I digress – the has given me inspiration and while I don’t think I’m as creative in my cooking as I used to be, I can “live” vicariously through those who are creative with their meals. I love reading the kitchn’s posts – I DROOL over dishes that I don’t have the energy to make. You should give this website a looksie – it’ll inspire you. You don’t even have to read the posts – just look at the pictures. Like these . . .

kumquat tarts with almond date crust – picture credit here

egg baked in an avocado – picture credit here

3. my town

I live in a decently large college town, but compared to the surrounding cities, it’s still pretty small. Because of its nature (the melting pot that universities can be), there are so many creative people I will run into in a daily basis. All different kinds of ages, cultures, backgrounds. I love it. It opens my eyes to how beautiful the world is. I also love that my town is full of creative types. Artists, musicians, poets and the like. Or college students dressing in the most unique ways. Some of it I don’t understand but most of it I can appreciate it. On any given day, I’ll see someone riding their unicycle to school. Or there will be a young musician, strapped with a guitar, playing it and singing as he walks down the sidewalks of our town square. Or a student dressed in a tutu and a cape on her way to class. It’s different and I like it!

4. necessity

This one might be a bit odd, but necessity inspires me. From needing to come up with a meal plan that is healthy and will work with our budget to the seeing the needs of family or friends or our community. My pockets aren’t lined with a lot of cash but when I want to help out, I try to find creative ways that will bless others. In particular, I’m reminded of a friend who is going through a difficult season in her life right now. But instead of just staying inside, keeping to herself, she has found creative ways to be a blessing to those around her. She sees the need and she jumps right in to help. She has blessed me already, from helping me with nursery decor to helping me throw away junk that has been cluttering our house. Those two things may not sound creative to you but I think she’s found a way to be creative with her time and talents. My husband and I have certainly been blessed by her!

What’s been inspiring to you lately?

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