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March 7, 2012

Hi friends, sorry it’s been a few days since I last posted. I promise, I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway. Thanks to all of you who entered! I’m thinking I probably won’t have time to do what I need to do for it until this weekend so thanks for being patient with me, my pregnant self (gotta throw the pregnancy card when I can, right?).

At this very moment, I am reclining on the couch, precariously holding my netbook on my lap as I type these words. My feet are up, I’ve had a small snack to tide me over before dinner and I’m ready to relax. I know I don’t get too personal on this blog (it’s just my preference; besides, I promise you, my life is NOT exciting) but I will say that today, like yesterday, was a whirlwind. Not bad but just super busy! If only you could see how my desk looks. I am buried in paper and I’m barely keeping up. Thank goodness for strength that the Lord gives me. Physical AND mental strength.

So if this post rambles into different topics, forgive me. Preggo-brained, scatter-brained.

On my way home from work just now, I stopped by this little local grocer. It’s very convenient for me, even if the price is just a little bit higher than the major grocery stores in town. It’s a family-owned establishment and they get their produce from the Dallas farmers’ market. Local and fresh! To tell you the truth, I started shopping here for my produce when I recently heard that it was in danger of closing because of low business. I hate that it’s taken me so long to support a local store, but I can’t live in the past so I am just forging ahead.

I picked up some mushrooms and tomatoes for an omelet dinner tonight (I had an omelet for lunch on Monday and it was sooo good!), plus only the best banana chips I’ve tasted here in America. I had a pleasant talk with the cashier (I think she’s the daughter of the owner?) and she told me it’s better to keep tomatoes out on the countertop (away from the stove’s heat, of course) than putting them in the fridge. I can’t wait to eat these tomatoes with the omelet (made from farm-fresh eggs, taken from a farm about 30 minutes away from where we live).

I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and today, I really really felt HUGE. I was really uncomfortable with the weight of my belly and all that entails, but at least my Braxton-Hicks contractions were at a minimum. I need to remember to take it easy!

Tomorrow night, my husband and I are going to see a Grammy-award winning double-bassist/composer/conductor perform with our university’s Grammy-award winning jazz band. I say “our” because we both work at the university, and as I’ve mentioned before, I work in the music college. We’re so excited, as this is our first big concert to attend in a couple of years. There’s also a music festival happening in town this weekend, but it’s more of an outdoor thing (though there are some indoor venues); plus, it’s pricey and we’re not familiar with a lot of the bands playing. And maybe we’re just getting old . . . we prefer to sit in nice, cushioned chairs in a state-of-the-art performance hall where there’s air conditioning and nice, accessible bathrooms. (Quick access to facilities is very important for a pregnant woman.)

This Saturday will be my third baby shower, with family. I am excited and looking forward to seeing my parents and relatives, especially my grandmother who has been sickly. She is quite a woman! She birthed 13 children and has a slew of grandkids and great grandkids. I know she is super excited for my husband and I.

The dishwasher is almost done doing its thing. I think I’m going to wait until my husband comes home to get his help in unloading it. This momma-to-be is just going to continue sitting on this comfy couch in the meantime!

Enough randomness. I hope you have had a great week!

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